We’ll admit it:

We’re not manly enough to keep up with this blog.

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Perhaps we should just have women take over this blog?

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Here’s one for you sorry little ingrates…FEMALE POP SINGERS!

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Here’s some manliness for you all…MATH IN PEN(IS) AWESOME.

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We didn’t post today. We failed as men.

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WE’RE BACK. AND WE’RE NOT SORRY (that would be wimpy)

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MAN: “Yeah, we’ve really been shittin’ the bed with this whole posting thing.”

Other MAN: “Yeah I know… How do we expect to keep up with it in the summer if we can’t even keep up during finals week when we have nothing to do?”

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Here’s one for you namby-pambies… Giggling 

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I want all of you MANLY MEN to go outside, and try this immediately. IMMEDIATELY…. Just go outside and STARE AT THE SUN!

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